Why use workspace for sales?

Make good deals by notes

Capture your notes during networking and lead processing. Use them when brainstorm about proposals for client or selling process improvements

Move the deal forward effectively

Collaborate with your prospective customers on a structural presentation of solution and use it to create mutual evaluation plan — today’s game-changer of sales

Increase win-rate by team collaboration

Share your ideas and questions about products, leads, deals, selling plans and and receive support from your sales team colleagues, technical specialists and consultants

Make decisions based on bird’s eye view and prospects’ details

Scaling through current status of lead, deals risks and selling plans. Easily switch between strategic and tactic views

RedForester used by Teams like

Alexandra Sedova

CSO, Ryefield R&D

We’ve used RedForester for 1 year.

It helps us to outline prospect’s ideas, to communicate with the team about our proposal, present it to the customer and expand on it — as a result, we’ve improved our sale’s process

Evgeny Grachev

CEO, TokenPlace

I use RedForester for negotiation and structuring all my requirements about the project we’re developing. Looks like a useful service for planning and discussing contract details

Notable features

Flexible and structured at once

Being as flexible as Sheets, RedForester is made for collaboration (like Asana), but it’s customer-facing in its core, so that both sides can share the same map.

All information on one canvas

With RedForester you don’t lose focus when switching between different types of information and pages — all things are placed on one map

Public, team and private access

Share one part of your map to your colleagues, another to your prospects and keep your personal drafts private — it’s up to you

Extensions & Integrations

Extensions provide you with other representations like table, checklist, etc. automate your workflow: calculations, integrations, management and so on

Drive engagement & accountability

Make behavior of all parties transparent. Uncover all deal traction bottlenecks by using analytics

Keep on track

Mind map is seamlessly integrated and synchronized with other representations such as Kanban, Timeline, Table View and more

Ready to try? 

It’s your ideas that sell, not a CRM’s